Cape Breton’s Solar Powered Sports & Cultural Complex for Youth

There’s no better feeling than being part of something that can truly change lives… forever.

Tomorrow's Legend’s mission is to empower youth through sport and culture. As part of that mission, we set out not only to highlight the many challenges our Cape Breton youth are facing when it comes to organized sports, but also to do something about those challenges.

In 2020, our organization launched an initiative to establish a community sports complex. We tackled extensive research, met with hundreds of community stakeholders and uncovered obstacles that are indeed in the way of youth sporting achievements. By addressing the two most significant challenges - lack of facilities and cost of playing, we needed to find new and innovative ways to deliver consistent quality sports activities.

By adopting the very latest technologies in solar systems and smart lighting as well as creating proprietary software for the automation of building operations, Legends Arena has been born!

Legends Arena will be the first of its kind in our region. By harnessing green energy, the facility will not only have a positive impact on the environment but will make organized sports affordable by reducing the significant costs associated with running large arenas. This opens the doors to more kids being able to play while making a strong commitment to having a sustainable community facility for many years to come.

Legends Arena is a $4 million project and we are well on our way to meeting our financial goals. However, we do need your help to reach the finish line – and - we have exciting sponsorship opportunities that will promote you as a community leader making a monumental impact on the lives of so many.

Legends Arena will be truly unique space with the very latest in solar technology, configurable LED lighting, and smart devices for keeping our athletes safe while participating in sports – and not to mention the spectacular courts for basketball, volleyball, pickleball and a host of other indoor activities.

Its cultural exhibits will enable visitors to immerse themselves in the island's rich and diverse culture, not only allowing them to feel it but to celebrate it. An interactive exhibit will be on full time display in the foyer to enrich the visitor experience by showcasing our youth in sports and promoting the great work of our sponsors.

Sponsorship Packages:

Arena Naming Rights

  • Naming rights to the facility
  • External and internal Signage
  • Signage on perimeter of the two primary courts
  • Signage on primary walls corresponding to each court
  • Name on digital showcase on display in foyer
  • Name on all digital correspondence, advertising, social media
  • Name and Profile recorded in the Book of Legends
  • Promotional Announcement At Tournament Events
  • Merchandizing opportunities
  • Single Sponsor Only
  • 5 Year Agreement

Diamond Court Sponsor

  • Name/Logo on both primary courts - 2 logos per court
  • Wall Star Signage (primary walls corresponding to each court)
  • Name and profile recorded in the Book of Legends
  • 5 Year Agreement

Platinum Wall Star Sponsor

  • Name/Logo on primary wall corresponding to each primary court
  • Name and profile recorded in the Book of Legends
  • Annual Agreement

Gold Media Room Sponsor

  • Exclusive name/logo on Media Room
  • Exclusive signage/logo inside media room
  • Name and profile recorded in the Book of Legends
  • 5 Year Agreement

Silver Room Sponsor

  • Exclusive name/signage on locker rooms, officials rooms, equipment rooms
  • Includes name and signage on 4 locker rooms and officials room
  • Name/logo included on special event invitations for participating teams
  • Name and profile recorded in the Book of Legends
  • 5 Year Agreement