Empowering Youth Through Sport & Culture

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Our Current Initiative

To Build a State-of-The-Art Solar Powered Sports & Cultural Complex for Sustainable Youth Sporting Programs

State-of-The-Art Solar Powered Sports & Cultural Complex Supporting Thousands of Future Legends

Two Court Surface with Hospitality and Media Suite for an Unobstructed View of Every Legendary Achievement

A Spectacular Foyer to Celebrate Cape Breton's Cultural Diversity and Legendary Sporting Achievements

Tomorrow's Legends Merchandizing and Concessions Outlet For All Sporting Organizations & Fans

Calling All Cape Breton Sports Clubs

Our team has been working to establish a indoor court sports complex in Cape Breton Regional Municipality. We have been working with the municipal government in an effort to acquire Centennial Arena. An Expression of Interest has been issued as we look to work with youth sports organizations looking for a permanent home. Submit here. Closes August 31st

The Need is Dire

Our team conducted a review of community facilities throughout Nova Scotia that accommodate sports other than hockey. A graphical depiction of the various locations has been prepared. As the second largest region in the province with respect to population, Cape Breton ranks first in underserved regions with no community facilities.

Cape Breton Regional Municipality has several ice rinks and arenas to accommodate various hockey clubs and recreational groups. As of 2017, more than 2400 kids were enrolled in minor hockey associations. In that same period, the two most popular court sports, basketball and volleyball more than 1400 kids - no facilities.

To be clear, our organization absolutely loves hockey. Many of us have played the sport for years. Our concern does not lie with the sport but the disparities of accessibility among the various youth sports in Cape Breton.

In CBRM, youth hockey enrollment is predominately made up of boys. For basketball it is close to a 50/50 split while volleyball is about 90% girls.

Collaboration With the Right Experts

We work closely with our Green Energy Advisor, Breton Green Solutions, to promote healthy communities.

Our organization is concerned about climate change which is why we have solar powered technology as an integral part of the delivery of youth programs. Breton Green Solutions are experts in green energy solutions and worked with us to establish a net zero building.