RFPs and Invitations to Tender

We are in the planning stages for our arena renovation. Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Invitation to Tender documents are being prepared. The following list is subject to change.

Contact us to add your company to our invitation list.

Upcoming Requests & Invitations:

  • RFP - Solar System Materials & Installation
  • RFP - Hydronic Radiant Heating System
  • RFP - Sports Flooring, Basketball Volleyball and Pickleball, Materials & Installation
  • Tender Document - Supplying of Exterior Doors and Windows
  • Tender Document - Arena Insulation Materials Exterior Walls & Ceiling
  • Tender Document - Materials for Interior Partitioning
  • Tender Document - Electrical Rough In, LED Lighting Replacement Materials & Labour
  • Tender Document - Smart Devices for LED Lighting, Court Lighting Design, Exterior Lighting
  • Tender Document - Installation of Divider Curtain
  • Tender Document - Retractable Wall
  • Tender Document - Interior Flooring for Locker Rooms and Equipment Rooms Materials
  • Tender Document - Hospitality Room Renovations, Materials
  • Tender Document - Bathroom Renovations, Plumbing Supplies and Labour
  • Tender Document - Renovations for Cultural Exhibit
  • Tender Document - Supply of  Touch Monitors and TVs
  • Tender Document - Supply of  Office Furniture, Table, Chairs
  • Tender Document - Supply of  Bleachers
  • Tender Document - Painting Services, Materials
  • Tender Document - Painting Services, Labour