The facility's foyer will be a grand entrance where visitors will be able to gather and gain a greater appreciation for Cape Breton Island's diverse culture. People from all around the world made our island home and a sports complex is no better place to celebrate such diversity. Sports has always been a means by which people come together for comradery, the spirit of competition and to make long lasting friendships despite one's background and socioeconomic status. Tomorrow's Legends hold the notion that increased awareness among youth with respect to race, colour, creed and religion, leads to a greater likelihood of transitioning into adulthood with a greater acceptance of our differences. The grand foyer will showcase the many countries our ancestors came from and the stories of how they arrived.

An elaborate donor wall will pay tribute to those that made financial contributions to bring the facility to fruition. Inscriptions and stories will be on permanent display along with the Book of Legends that records every donor and contribution made to the Tomorrow's Legends charity.

Our Goodwill Ambassadors who have an important role of promoting our great cause will also be on display in the grand foyer. An ambassadors wall showcasing those in sport, business and community who helped with making the facility possible will also be on permanent display.

Youth empowerment will be a crowning achievement not only for the athletes and families who participate but for our entire island. Tomorrow's Legends will build a truly remarkable facility – a unique cultural sports complex that will enhance the education of our youth, deliver sustainable and consistent programs, build confidence among our youth and serve as a first-class complex that will attract people from across the country.