Goodwill Ambassador Agreement: Terms & Conditions

Effective January 30, 2021
Revised: February 12, 2024

For the purposes of this agreement, Tomorrow's Legends will be referred to as the ORGANIZATION and the Tomorrow's Legends Goodwill Ambassador will be referred to as the AMBASSADOR.


Duties & Responsibilities of the ORGANIZATION:

  • Promotion of the Tomorrow's Legends organization
  • Provide promotional materials including but not limited to media releases, formal announcements, social media postings and images for promoting on social media platforms
  • Promote the ORGANIZATION'S core initiative to the community, elected officials, potential contributors and stakeholders
  • Educate the community, potential contributors, stakeholders on the importance of youth sports in communities
  • Post a profile and picture of the AMBASSADOR on this website to promote the both the AMBASSADOR and its initiatives and fund raising efforts
  • For the Ambassador that serves a minimum term of one year, recognize the Ambassador on the Ambassador wall to be on public display in the foyer of the multi-sport & cultural complex
  • Manage fundraising campaigns, donations, and other contributions


Duties & Responsibilities of the Goodwill Ambassador:

  • General promotion of the Tomorrow's Legends organization
  • Agree to having a profile containing picture and brief write up on this website for unrestricted public display
  • Increase awareness of the ORGANIZATION in communities throughout Cape Breton Island and/or Nova Scotia
  • Share and promote activities of the ORGANIZATION on various social media platforms
  • Promote fundraising initiatives
  • Direct potential contributors, donors and volunteers to the ORGANIZATION
  • Attend events (optional)
  • Use the title of Goodwill Ambassador in correspondence relating to the ORGANIZATION and when representing the ORGANIZATION
  • Refrain from altering the delivery of material including logos and artwork provided by the ORGANIZATION
  • Refrain from making public statements on behalf of the ORGANZIATION without written consent
  • The AMBASSADOR cannot distribute, sell, share loan, or disseminate information and promotional materials marked as Confidential
  • The AMBASSADOR must seek written approval by the ORGANIZATION to create and/or publish content relating to the ORGANIZATION on social media platforms, news media, and other public sources



  • No financial compensation will be paid to the AMBASSADOR for services rendered for the ORGANIZATION



  • The AMBASSADOR will not be provided with exclusive rights preventing other ORGANIZATION ambassadors, personnel, partners, or stakeholders, from promoting the ORGANIZATION


Revisions to the Agreement

  • The ORGANIZATION may make revisions to this agreement and provide written notification to the AMBASSADOR
  • The AMBASSADOR can opt out of the agreement as a result of said revisions with written notice


Termination of Agreement

  • The AMBASSADOR can end its agreement with the ORGANIZATION with written notice and without reason
  • The AMBASSADOR can choose whether or not to be formally recognized on the ambassador wall in the foyer of the complex as a result of termination
  • The ORGANIZATION can end its agreement with the AMBASSADOR with written notice and without reason



Agreement Revisions:

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