Tomorrow's Legends mission is to empower youth through sport and culture. 

Organized sports can have a profound impact on one's life and often plays an important part in shaping an individual's character, work ethic and self confidence. For many kids, it can be the difference in making a successful transition from childhood to adulthood. However, sports at both recreational and competitive levels can sometimes have expenses that put the activities out of reach for many families.

Infrastructure is of course a vital component for athletes to be able to participate in organized sports. Many different sports associations need facilities to run programming with consistency and quality. In 2020, our organization has assumed the role of establishing a multi-sport facility (Legends Arena) in the greater Sydney area. Our organization is the facility operator and offers tenancy to organized sports clubs and space to other sports entities in our community.

We govern with the notion that all kids should be able to participate in organized sports regardless of socioeconomic status. Equally, young athletes should be immersed in an environment where cultural diversity is celebrated. We endeavour to work with organizations to foster such an environment.

Our board of directors are serving on a volunteer basis and our goodwill ambassadors do not receive any form of financial compensation. When Legends Arena is established, our organization will move into an operational role to focus on long term sustainability, athlete development and increasing participation rates among kids.