Bill Kachafanas, Founder

Bill founded Tomorrow’s Legends to address the dire need for infrastructure in Cape Breton to enable sports organizations to offer programs in a consistent manner. Throughout the rest of the province and across the country, modern gymnasiums have been built and continue to be built, enabling kids to enroll in a variety of indoor sports.

As a kid who grew up in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Bill was actively involved in sports, specifically hockey, baseball, and basketball. Along with his upbringing, he attributes organized sports to building character, dealing with setbacks and leaning how to succeed as a result of those setbacks. He is a believer that failure is necessary in order to truly succeed. Like many Glace Bay kids, he played little league and enrolled in minor hockey. However, it was basketball that became his favourite sport. Despite picking it up late as a grade 8, he trained hard to make the high school squad. Playing for the Morrison Mariners under head coach, Jim MacQuarrie, proved to have a monumental impact on who he became as a young adult. The years spent with teammates and coaches taught him so many things that carried forward in life. After graduating in 1988, he began coaching two junior high teams. However, he was also pursuing an education and left Cape Breton to become educated and work.

Bill is most certainly an entrepreneur. He started his first business at age 16, establishing a car detailing service that ran until he was 18. As he went on to pursue an education at Cape Breton University (formally UCCB), he ran a computer consulting service, helping university students and other small entities around the campus. He enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration with Co-op program, with concentrations in marketing and interpersonal communication. His first co-op placement was in finance with Health and Welfare Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In his final year of university, he was hired by Supply and Services Canada where he accepted full time employment and moved to Ottawa, Ontario. While he remained there for two years, he knew that his passion was running his own business and being an entrepreneur. In 1992, he formed Breton Technologies, a computer sales and consulting company. At age 22, he returned to Cape Breton to operate the business on a full-time basis and continues to do so today. During his 31 years in the business, he has pursued several technology related initiatives– some successful and some not. Today, he owns three IT companies, Breton Technologies, and RedTail POS. For more than 20 years, his company been developing its own suite of business management software and unique products that empower small and medium size business to better compete with increased efficiency.

Much of Bill’s time outside of work is spent with family and as a volunteer coach and trainer. After years of being away from sports and having kids of his own, he returned to volunteer at the youth level. In 2011, he started the Steve Nash Youth Basketball Program at Shipyard Elementary and ran it for three years before coaching the boy’s school team. During that time, he volunteered with Basketball Cape Breton (BCB) as a U14 boys coach, and assembled teams at both the recreational and competitive levels. Bill moved on to middle school, coaching for Malcom Munroe, before focusing on U14 rep teams with BCB. He completed a term with the BCB board, serving as Chair for a one-year period. He also volunteered for the organization, building technology solutions to better automate the services of the organizations. For 3 years, Bill has enjoyed coaching the U14 rep team while volunteering as a personal trainer for a group of dedicated athletes. In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, he started customized basketball training for a small number of athletes. He continues to work with student athletes and a facility with enable such programs to continue and to improve the opportunities and quality of programming for our Cape Breton youth.

Empowering Youth Through Sport & Culture is the Tomorrow’s Legend’s mission. Enrolling in organized sports has a very positive and powerful influence on kids. It solidifies one’s self worth, provides a sense of belonging and improves self-confidence – all key traits that help youth make that successful transition into adulthood and become good, productive citizens.

Bill resides in Sydney, Nova Scotia with his wife Trish and has two children, Alexandria & Niko.

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Aroon Rajani, Director

Aroon brings a wealth of business experience to the organization. He grew up in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, playing various sports and other activities, including tennis, hockey, skiing and baseball. He applies a hard working mentality to everything he does. After graduating from Morrison High School in 1984, Aroon went on to Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in 1988. He has travelled extensively throughout the world, gaining valuable experience in both his personal and professional. He spent time in Germany, working for Mercedes Benz and learned about business processes and efficiencies. In 1992, he then earned his Masters in Business Administration and began working in Ottawa, Ontario with the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board. He remained in Ottawa for a couple of years before returning to Cape Breton to pursue a career in information technology. He started a technology consulting company that is now in its 28th year of operation.

Today, Aroon provides specialized support services in the areas of local and wide area networking, remote connectivity, and security. He designs technical blueprints for companies, assists with adoption of new technologies and advises on online best practices. Aroon will provide ongoing support with the management of the Tomorrow's Legends organization and will help formulate strategic planning for the various stages of the new facility and programs.

Aroon has other business interests outside of his technology consulting business and splits his time between Cape Breton, the western region of Canada and United States.

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Tyler Morrison, Director

Tyler is a resident of Frenchvale, Nova Scotia and is employed in the technology sector. He provides ongoing support to the organization with respect to technology related infrastructure and the development of business management software. He is currently assigned to a manage a software portfolio involving millions of lines of code, several on premise modules as well as online services. He leads project integration where he is responsible for integrating several on-premise software products with online ordering and procurement systems.

Tyler is also a volunteer coach, coaching for recreational basketball teams for Basketball Cape Breton (BCB) and Malcom Munroe middle school. Tyler is currently employed at RedTail POS in Sydney.

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